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  • Tales from Denmark,
  • More Tales from Denmark, The Ghost on Horseback, Three Pieces of good Advice, The Soldier and Mr Scratch and Odds and Sods
are collections of wonder and folk stories hitherto unavailable to English speaking audiences.

The stories are brim full of shrewd observations, humour, invention and down to earth advice and are as relevant today as when they were told over a century ago.

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Sample stories with notes for schools edition (Word)

The Ring in the Wall (Tales from Denmark)

Peder Ox (More Tales from Denmark)

The Mouse and the Chafers (More Tales from Denmark)

Knee Breeches (The Ghost on Horseback)

Old Rasmus (Three Pieces of good Advice)

Lucifer's three Hairs (The Soldier and Mr Scratch)

Why the book was written

The Origins of the wonder tale

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A cd containing all five books and teacher's notes

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Odds and Sods

Tales from Denmark bookcover
More Tales from Denmark bookcover
The Ghost on Horseback bookcover
Three Pieces of good Advice
TheSoldier and Mr Scratch

The books may also be purchased in hard copy from Amazon and as an e-book on Amazon kindle.

Odds and Sods