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Performance reviews

"I accompanied both classes at some point during the afternoon session, and so I had ample opportunity to enjoy both guest story-tellers and their chosen stories and style.

I thought they were both quite different in their delivery but equally entertaining.

I felt the stories chosen were interesting, useful and age-appropriate.

The delivery was lively, fun and engaging.

I know the pupils thoroughly enjoyed the experience. I intend to pursue follow-up work with 7I."

Ms Butt, Deputy Head of English faculty

Morriston Comprehensive School, Swansea

"Tall Tales held their audience captive through their lively and engaging story telling. Students from Year 7, students with learning difficulties and Year 12 students alike were attentive listeners, attentively waiting to see where the stories would lead them. Some endings were shocking, others funny, all were satisfying. The stories were inventive and thought provoking; others were comical and startling. They showcased the oral tradition of story telling in an exceptional way. I would definitely recommend them."

Miss James, Learning Resource Centre Manager

Morriston Comprehensive School, Swansea

from staff:

from students:

"I thought that the stories were really enjoyable. I would recommend any schools to have the Tall Tales Company to come in and tell some stories."

Chloe Lewis 7T

"On Friday October 14th Stephen Badman came to visit the school and they told us stories all day to the Year 7’s. The stories were very funny and very scary at the same time but they were still enjoyable and I would love to hear them again.

The type of stories Stephen Badman told were stories with a message in. Some were based on greed and some were fiction and one was about his life.

He told his stories in an interesting way, he put voices on for characters, he had expression and was really funny."

Gursharon Singh

"I really enjoyed it when Stephen Badman visited the school on Friday 14th October. The stories were really funny and I like the way he told them using very good expression and to end the day he made us jump!"

Kelly Gibbs 7T

"I thought that the stories were funny, amazing, and sad. My day was really fun. It really made me laugh."

James Hyett, 7C

"I think he was amazing! When he read to me it felt like it was really happening right in front of me. I thought I was the only one in the room! I loved every second of it. He kept us interested by making it funny, sad or frightening."

Ellie Houston Phillips, 7C