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Storytelling into Performance- Years 5 & 6 £300.00

Storytelling into Performance specifically targets Years 5-6 under the National Curriculum Strategy

Drama and Literacy KS 2 Oracy

‘Pupils should be given opportunities to participate in a wide range of drama activities, including improvisation, role play and the writing and performance of scripted drama’

‘Evaluate their own and others’ contributions in responding to drama’

Storytelling into Performance- 1 class

A fun packed two day event which provides an opportunity for pupils to enhance their listening, oral, drama and writing skills by working as a team to adapt an appropriate story into performance.

Over the two days the class will:

  • Listen to a selection of traditional stories from around the world (myths, legends, fairy stories, wonder tales, folk tales, fables and anecdotes (Year 5 Terms 2&3)
  • Story sign post
  • Create dialogue
  • Collaborate on making a script
  • Engage in a wide range of drama activities to include improvisation, focus, cognitive and team building games
  • Develop theatre, presentation and performance skills
  • Perform to the whole school


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