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A day of storytelling - Junior, Infant and Junior Schools Years 1-6

A storytelling session for each class in the school (Nursery on request).

The storyteller can work to suit the needs of the school. In schools with a large number on roll, storytelling sessions may be considered in year groups rather than by class.

A day of storytelling targets all year groups under the National Library Strategy.

  • Reception year: Traditional stories with predicable structures.
  • Year 1 Terms 1&2: Stories with familiar settings and predicable patterns; traditional stories and fairy stories
  • Year 2 Terms 1&2: Stories with familiar settings; stories from other cultures; humorous stories
  • Year 3 Terms 1&2: Stories with familiar settings; myths, legends, fables and parables.
  • Year 4 Term 3: Stories from other cultures, stories that raise issues
  • Year 5 Terms 2&3: Traditional stories, myths, legends, fables from a range of cultures.
  • Year 6 Term 2: Longer stories from more than one genre. Chosen from: Loki and Baldur (Revenge saga), Beowulf (epic), The Bagpiper (humorous ghost), Jasper Hare Herder or The Long Noses (Traditional wonder) and various anecdotes.

Welsh stories on request: each KS group will be told a Welsh traditional folk or fairy tale.


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