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A day of storytelling - Infants Schools - Nursery - Year 2 £225.00

A day of storytelling targets all KS groups under the National Library Strategy. A storytelling session for each class in the school. The two storytellers can work independently or together to suit the needs of the school. Schools with a small number of pupils on roll can expect the storytellers to visit a class more than once. (Nursery class excepted)

Nursery class One storytelling session only- 20-25 minutes duration

A shopping bag containing a few groceries is all it takes to start a story and when the groceries run out the children take ownership- black liquorish sea lions, crunchy weetabix beaches, bread and butter staircases- anything is possible. A story to stimulate the imagination and the digestive juices and promote healthy living.

Living at the bottom of the shopping bag is a crocodile which features in the next story, a West African version of the ‘Gingerbread Man’. Two children and their mum make a doll from mud which she has collected at the river’s edge. Hardened by the sun and given life by the wind the mud baby, against all advice, enters the jungle…………..

A traditional learning tale that emphasises the need for adult supervision and the importance of listening to mums, dads and teachers- they really do know best.

Reception class-: Traditional stories with predictable structures

• Year 1 Terms 1&2: Stories with familiar settings and predictable patterns; traditional stories and fairy stories

• Year 2 Terms 1&2: Stories with familiar settings; stories from other cultures; humorous stories

Welsh stories: each KS group will be told a traditional Welsh folk or fairy tale.


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